50 Companies Hit With ADA Lawsuits In Denver

June 18, 2021

This is exactly what you need to be ADA compliant. 50 Lawsuits by just one firm in one city. We estimate the number of ADA suits between now and the end of the year could be over 10,000. The average settlement is around $50,000. Do not let this happen to you. food This is very […]

Social media addiction
Be Careful About Reading Too Much Into Social Media Marketing

March 6, 2020

This story illustrates a trap far too many companies fall into. Likes do not = $$$ nor do lack of Likes Equals a lack of success with social media. We see a lot of Social Media experts spouting how many likes they get. Really the only thing you need to concern yourself with is the […]

Creating website
Why Wix And Most Website Builders Can Hurt You… Bad!

March 6, 2020

As the saying goes, “There is a Reason Why The Cheese Is Free In A Mousetrap” The very same thing can be said about Free and even paid website builders and even sales funnels builders. Just from an SEO standpoint alone, they could be costing you 10’s of thousands of dollars every year or every […]

Why Caloric Deficits Do Not Work

March 6, 2020

This is a great video on why the Cutting Calories Myth does not work.  Do not fall for this stupidity, you are smarter than that. If you have been told cutting calories works for weight loss, then the people that told you about it were just ignorant.  This has been known for decades and proven […]

Worlds Quickest Personality Test

March 5, 2020

World’s Quickest and Most Accurate Personality Test. Find out one of the main personality components that makes you tick in less than 10 seconds! You must have a Google Account Login to take it. If you prefer, Click Here to be taken to the test. I used Google Quizzes for this and will regularly update […]