Takeout Special

Because The Virus Is Hitting Businesses And People So Hard, We Are Making All Of Our Packages Free For The Next 18 Months!

We Also Have Just Created A Special “TAKE OUT” Category so that we can all help the Food Establishments that are offering Take Out can get the word out so we can help them and their employees stay in business.

Of course, it will help you find a place to get food as well.

So if you know of a Take Out place you want to help support, please let them know this is available to them for FREE for the next 18 months. This can help make the difference so that they are still around then.

If we stick together and help each other, we will get through this.

If you have some time on your hands, we are looking for volunteers in hundreds of cities to help on-board restaurants and other small business. It is your chance to give back to your community and do something positive with your time.

Click Here and tell us what city you are in, your email, and phone number. You are awesome!