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One Question Psychology Test That Reveals How To Motivate Yourself


If you have not taken the test yet, click on the button below and a modal window with the test will pop up and you can take it. You must have a Google Account Login to take it. If you prefer, Click Here to be taken to the test. We used Google Quizzes for this and will regularly update the progress here on the answers.

We think you will be surprised at the answers. Depending on how you answered, this can provide some valuable insight as to how to motivate yourself to get things done.  Like weight loss goals, money, relationships and more.

Plus, many of your marketers, might want to change the personality type you are marketing to because you may be missing 50% of your market. I know I sure was!   After we get the results in, I will go over more on this later. Really powerful stuff.

Thank you for stopping by as always.  Remember, there is so much business out there these days, there is no reason for you NOT to be doing fantastic. 


Andrew Anderson

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