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Why Wix And Free Websites Can Cost You A Small Fortune

reason why the cheese is free

” There is a reason why the cheese is free!”

The very same thing can be said about Free and even paid website builders and even sales funnel builders. Just from an SEO standpoint alone, they could be costing you 10’s thousands of dollars every year or every month in sales.

Take a look at the image. And if you are into percentages, this is over a 3,000% difference.

If you are using Wix, you can expect 1.4 visitors to find you on Google, or any other search engine versus 46 on WordPress. And actually, that number is closer to 200 visitors on our sites built on WordPress.

For instance, based on our experience, an average roofing company could lose over $50,000+ per month in revenue from lost clients because of the poor SEO from a FREE non-WordPress site.

wix vs wordpress seo

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