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Why Wix And Most Website Builders Can Hurt You… Bad!

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As the saying goes,

“There is a Reason Why The Cheese Is Free In A Mousetrap”

The very same thing can be said about Free and even paid website builders and even sales funnels builders. Just from an SEO standpoint alone, they could be costing you 10’s of thousands of dollars every year or every month in sales.

Take a look at the image from hrefs. And if you are into percentages, this is over a 3,000% difference.

If you are using Wix, you can expect 1.4 visitors finding you on Google, or any other search engine versus 46 on WordPress. And actually, that number is closer to 200 visitors on our sites built on WordPress.

The same is true for most of the Funnels Builders, Page Builders, and for sure Member sites. The search engines simply ignore them. And while you think you are saving money and time by using them, in all likelihood, you are blowing a ton of both on all of the wasted opportunity costs.

So if you are using anything other than WordPress or thinking about it, let us give you the facts and help you from going for the Free or Not so free cheese.

Call us today at 307-459-1092 or use our contact form to set up a good time to chat. And this cheese really is free as we never charge new clients to help you get pointed in the right direction. Click Here to book a No Cost Strategy Session Today!

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