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May 05
How Social Media Impacts Your Search Rankings

Having good search rankings is just as important is getting a line of customers into your business. If you aren’t familiar with how social media can impact your search rankings, read on. What Search Engines Are Looking For First, you have to understand what search engines are looking for, so you can see how social […]

Apr 29
How To Get Leads From Social Media Like The Pros

Are you making the most of your social media pages? Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a wonderful way to interact with current customers, but if you handle them properly, they can also be a great source of new leads. A lot of local businesses don’t do a good job of using social media to […]

Apr 26
Why Your Company Needs Social Media

As a business, you cannot afford to scrimp when it comes to investing in your professional, social media presence. After all, you are getting the opportunity to put your best foot forward online so why not make the most of it? A well designed and maintained social media platform can act as a sort of […]

Apr 21
50 Companies Hit With ADA Lawsuits In Denver

This is exactly what you need to be ADA compliant. 50 Lawsuits by just one firm in one city. We estimate the number of ADA suits between now and the end of the year could be over 10,000. The average settlement is around $50,000. Do not let this happen to you. This is very important […]

Apr 15
Beware Free Web Accessibility Plugins Issues

There is a huge and growing problem with Free ADA and EN 301 compliance tools out there. They are giving website owners a false sense of security for being compliant. We have yet to test a Free tool that did not leave blaring holes and miss some items. The old adage you get what you […]

Apr 14
Be Careful About Reading Too Much Into Social Media Marketing

Instagram hides likes count in international test ‘to remove pressure’ — The number of likes is a measure of how well content is doing on the social media platform. Read More This story illustrates a trap far too many companies fall into. Likes do not = $$$ nor do lack of Likes Equals a lack […]

Apr 09
Dan Kennedy And Andrew Anderson Talk About The Question Businesses Do Not Ask About Making More Money

Dan Kennedy and talk about one biggest things that impact profits for any business, yet most people do not know about it, or figure out that this is the main key to profitability. This is a big secret that most businesses do not have a clue about. Now you will know and it could take […]

Apr 09
Why You Need An SSL Certificate For Your Website

“Google Chrome’s July 2018 update will be rolling out very soon, and it will mark any Website not served over HTTPS as “Not secure” in the address bar.” This is so that hackers can’t intercept contact information, forms, and other interactions with people that use your site. Plus, hackers usually go after sites that do […]

Apr 09
New Law Called GPDR Impacts You If You Use Email Lists

Just a heads up here. If you collect emails from anyone within the European Union, which really means if you collect emails at all more than likely, another new wonderful socialist law goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. 🙂 It is called GDPR. 🙂  If you collect or process the personal data of any European […]

Feb 21
Why Wix And Free Websites Can Cost You A Small Fortune

” There is a reason why the cheese is free!” The very same thing can be said about Free and even paid website builders and even sales funnel builders. Just from an SEO standpoint alone, they could be costing you 10’s thousands of dollars every year or every month in sales. Take a look at […]